Hello! Welcome to my world of crafting!

My name is Carly. I have always loved creating things. Always. And I have always loved making new and different things. I would see something I wanted to make on Pinterest or a friend would show off a new skill she learned and my reaction was (and is!) always, “I can make that!” Because I have a hard time sticking to only one type of craft (boring, right?!), I kept running into some problems that I want to help you solve, too.

First of all, it takes time to get in the car, make a trip across town to the craft store, hunt down all the items you need (which are seemingly always in different sections, spread throughout the store), and cart everything back home. For me, this always takes too much time when all I really want to do is make the awesome thing! Problem solved. I bring everything you need TO YOU. No more waiting in line at the craft store. No more waiting to create your masterpiece.

Sometimes I wanted to create something new but I would spend literal h*o*u*r*s online trying to find just the right thing to make. Well not anymore! Problem solved. We have an ever-evolving list of projects to choose from. And the good news is that we give them to you one handful at a time. There’s enough variety to keep you out of a creative rut, but not so many projects that you’ll be overwhelmed. You can always find something fresh to try. No more overwhelming internet.

The last and likely most important problem I want to solve for you: I always bought more supplies than I needed for said projects. I mean, who needs a whole can of spray paint or an entire package of jump rings that you (a) won’t ever use all of, (b) spent more money than needed on, and (c) then have to add it all to an ever-accumulating pile of craft supplies you don’t know what to do with?! It’s frustrating, friends. Problem solved. Make It Yours will bring what you need and take away what you don’t use. No more supply hoarding. No more wasted money.

*Bonus problem solved* This is even more fun than making things by yourself. You get to create with your friends! Chelsea S. said, “I loved getting to make the craft with friends in a home environment.” Kelsey B. said, “It was fun to learn alongside others.” Y’all. This is seriously a blast. So choose your project, invite your friends, and get ready to Make It Yours!

XO, Carly