Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a party?

1) Go to our booking page.

2) Select the project you’d like to make with your friends from a drop-down list, select three (3) possible dates that would work for you and your party guests, put in your information, and pay the retainer fee.

3) Look for a phone call within one (1) business day to confirm your project choice and nail down your for-sure party date!

4) Get excited. You’re about to have a fantastic time creating with your friends and beautifying your life!

How do my guests RSVP?

We’re so glad you asked. After you receive your confirmation phone call from us, we’ll send you a unique link to an RSVP page for your guests. This page will be unique to each hostess and her party. It will have all the details and info your guests will need. On that same page, they’ll be able to pre-pay for their craft, which confirms their RSVP. (This is the most important step! This way, we’ll make sure to have all the supplies you and your guests will need!) If you have a special discount for your guests, it will automatically be factored in to the price they are asked to pay. No having to remember coupon codes! Once they pay ahead for their craft, consider them RSVPed.

What is a retainer fee and why is it necessary?

A retainer fee is a fee paid up-front, before any goods or services are exchanged. It is simply there to protect everyone’s time, yours and MIY’s. By paying the retainer fee, you make your party date untouchable–it’s your way of calling “dibs!” on the calendar so that you and your party people can plan ahead and prepare for an awesome time making things together and taking home something you all will love.

How much is the retainer fee?

Everyone pays the same flat rate of $45. This fee is exempt from promotions and discounts to ensure that everything goes down without a hitch every time you book a party, when you use a discount, win a contest, or are paying in full. We want your experience to be great every single time!

I don’t have to pay the retainer fee AND the price of my project…right?

RIGHT. All you pay is the retainer fee when you book your party, then when you and your guests party as scheduled, you will get reimbursed the amount of the retainer fee MINUS the cost of your craft. (For example, the retainer you paid was $45, your craft costs $20, so you’ll get $25 back!) This reimbursement is contingent upon your party happening at the date & time it was originally scheduled for.

Is there any chance I won’t get my retainer fee reimbursed?

Yes, but it’s totally a long shot. The only way you will NOT receive a reimbursement is if any of the following occur:

1) You have to cancel your party (except in emergency situations, this is a case-by-case issue).

2) You have to reschedule your party within 5 days of your original party date.

3) You do not meet the minimum required number of party guests, which is you + 3 guests to total 4 crafters altogether.

In situations 1 & 2, none of your retainer fee will be refunded. In situation 3, you may receive a partial refund IF the retainer covers more than the cost of missing party-goers. If it is not enough to cover your +3 guests, your retainer fee will not be refunded.

Do you still have an unanswered question? Please let us know below! We answer every. single. one. Promise.